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Salts Massage
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Swedish Massage

Breathtaking Tranquility

Rejuvenating Treatments

Treatments: Treatments
Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage
1 hr - $80      1.5 hr - $110

The most familiar combination of kneading and stroking of each muscle group - gentle to moderate pressure is used to create a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hr - $90      1.5 hr - $120

Firm pressure to high stress areas of the body. Kneading, stroking and pressure points release blocked tension within the muscles.

Therapeutic Massage

1 hr - $90     1.5 hr - $120

A combination of our two most popular massages, the Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Aromatherapy Massage
1 hr - $85     1.5 hr - $115

Using essential oils, combined with a full body Swedish massage, this treatment is designed to stimulate and assist the body in releasing stored toxins. Relax the mind, body and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage

1 hr - $105      1.5 hr - $135

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth, polished Basalt Lava stones are heated and incorporated into the massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.

Pregnancy Massage
1 hr - $90      1.5 hr - $120

For mothers-to-be after their 13th week with doctor's approval.

Lymphatic Drainage

1 hr - $85      1.5 hr - $115

Reflexology Session

30 min - $45

This treatment focuses on the reflexes of the foot to release pressure throughout the body.

Focused Massage

30 min - $45   

​This treatment focuses on the back, neck and shoulders. 

Deep Focused

30 min - $50

Firm pressure to the back, neck and shoulders.


Facials and Peels

Custom European Facial

1 hr - $85
Our most popular facial: thorough cleansing, toning, exfoliating, extractions as needed, massage, mask followed by moisturizer with SPF customized to your skin type.


Express Facial

30 min - $55
Cleansing, exfoliating, mask and moisturizer.

Back Facial

60 min - $75

A “facial” for the back. Cleansing, exfoliation, relaxing massage and treatment masque are applied. It refines texture of the skin and reduces acne.​

PCA Chemical Peels

30 min - $120            

Customized peel designed to help refine skin tone, reduce fine lines and improve sun-damaged skin.


Nail Services

Classic Manicure

45 min - $31
Nail shaping, cuticle attention, salt scrub, hand massage, warm therapeutic mitts, nail enamel to finish.

Express Manicure
30 min - $23   
Shape nails, cuticle attention, nail enamel to finish.


Gel Nail Lacquer
15 min - $17    
Gel nail polish lacquer is designed to last up to two weeks with no chipping.

Express Manicure Gel-X Nails Extension

60 min - $55

Classic Pedicure
1 hr - $55     
Relax while your feet soak in a warm revitalizing whirlpool bath. Nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles are groomed and conditioned, removal of rough, callused skin, followed by a relaxing foot and lower leg massage with hydrating lotion, topped off with a steamed hot towel and nail polish of your choice.

Express Pedicure
30 min - $40
Soak in whirlpool bath, nails trimmed and shaped, cuticles groomed and conditioning, and nail polish of your choice to finish.

Deluxe Pedicure
1.5 hr - $65
Enjoy an aromatic soak in our deluxe pedicure chair, which includes nail shaping, cuticle attention, callous softening, double exfoliation, relaxing extended massage, mask and polish or natural buffing to finish.

Hot Stone Pedicure
1.5 hr - $70
An aromatic soak in our deluxe pedicure chair, which includes nail shaping, cuticle attention, callous softening, exfoliation, relaxing massage with smooth, polished heated Basalt Lava Rocks, polish or natural buffing to finish. The perfect treatment to relieve stress and ease tension and for arthritic conditions.

Peppermint Sea Twist Pedicure
1.5 hr - $70
We combine a relaxing pedicure with a detoxifying Sea Twist Leg Wrap. We wrap the lower legs with the Seaweed and Peppermint Bandages to reduce water retention, leg pain and sore muscles. Polish or natural buffing to finish.

Detox Pedicure
1 hr - $65
Relaxing jetted foot bath Detox Foot Soak is infused with black charcoal that deeply cleanses and preps feet for the pedicure while calming and relieving the skin. The pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle work, callous softening. exfoliation, mask, relaxing massage with black charcoal scrubs that soften the skin allowing for fast, yet gentle exfoliation of calluses and cuticles. Polish or natural buffing to finish.

Nail Extras

Polish Change - 15 Minutes - $15

French Nail Polish - Add $7

Nail Repairs - $3 each

Nail Art - $2 each nail

Woman in a Spa

Body Treatments

Body Exfoliation
1 hr - $80

Skin is softened and hydrated.

Peppermint Sea Twist

1.5 hr - $120

This slimming, full-body treatment combines peppermint oil with seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify the skin. It improves circulation, making it an ideal treatment for water retention. It helps contour and firm the body. Emerge with a cool, invigorating feeling.

Ear Candling

30 min - $40   1 hr - $60
You should consider candling if you suffer from any of the following: sinus problems, hearing difficulties, clogged ears and/or equilibrium problems. You won’t believe your eyes (or ears) when you actually examine the debris that is extracted from your ears. The process of ear candling is simple, pleasant, convenient and safe for children, too.

Air Brush Tanning
30 min - $37
Great for that special occasion or just to have a healthy glow. Enjoy beautifully tanned skin, without dangerous sun exposure.


Waxing Services

Our licensed technicians use the safest, quickest, and most effective techniques available for hair removal, please consider these recommendations for treatment.  Hair growth must be ¼ ” but no longer that ¾ “ to receive effective waxing services.  We regret waxing cannot be performed on clients presently taking Accutane, Retin A or certain antibiotics due to the sensitivity these medications create to your skin.

Brow Wax ~ $20

Lip Wax ~ $12

Chin Wax ~ $12

Sideburn ~ $20

Full Face ~ $58

Nose ~ $10 

Bikini Line Wax ~ $38

Halfway to Brazilian Wax ~ $52

Brazilian Wax ~ $68

Half Leg Wax ~ $53

Full Leg Wax ~ $73

Arms and Hands Wax ~ $38

Underarms Wax ~ $32

Full Stomach ~ $45

Back Wax ~ $55


Lashes & Extensions

1.5 hr - $165

Full set of lashes.  Eyelashes are used to enhance the length, curl, fullness & thickness of natural lashes.  Your natural lashes only better!

30 min - $50 

Two Week Lash Fill

45 min - $55

Three Week Lash Fill

1 hr - $65

Four Week Lash Fill

Brow Tinting

30 min - $22

Lash Tinting

30 min - $22

Want to experience these pampering treatments for yourself? Get in touch with us to book yours today.

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